About #GamifyED

Origins of #GamifyED

Our group met at the KTI Summit in July 2019 at Shippensburg, PA. During our initial "Wonder" grouping, the six Founders below clustered around an interest and passion in gamification of education. This site was started during KTI 2019 and we will continue to build out resources and information that we have gathered around gamification.


Allison Keefe

Twitter: @AllisonKTeaches

Email: allisonk@gamifyed.net

Allison is a 7th Grade ELA Teacher at Agora Cyber Charter School

Amanda Jeane Strode

Twitter: @AmandaJeane2

Email: amandajeane@gamifyed.net

Amanda Jeane is a 4th grade teacher and super Robotics fan in Downingtown Area School District.

Matt Petersen

Twitter: @mdp17gw

Email: matt@gamifyed.net

Matt is a 5th grade teacher at Gray's Woods Elementary in the State College Area School District.

Twitter: @geraldaungst

Email: gerald@gamifyed.net

Gerald is a K-4 gifted support teacher and runs the makerspace at Cheltenham Elementary School.

Kimberly Mecir

Twitter: @KimberlyMecir

Kim is a 9-12 science teacher at Holy Cross High School in Dunmore, PA.

Paul Goraczko

Twitter: @TheNamesPaulyG

Paul is an 11th grade English Teacher at Wissahickon High School in Ambler, PA.