ED Guide to Leveling Up

Want to know where to hit the Start button? Or where to venture on your quest?

Here we will build a guide showcasing the essentials for Gamification for each level of your classroom gaming. The skills in each level represent basic game mechanics to master as you gamify instruction and student learning in your school.

GamifyEd Presentation

Gamification Mistakes

The #GamifyED team came together again at PETE&C 2021 to play a game of Invaders and Ladders!
We’ve made gamification mistakes, so you don’t have to! Join the #GamifyED team for a respawn on our greatest flops, fails and mishaps in education game design. Explore with us and dive into conversations on how you can design classroom games that avoid those game-breaking moments.

See the presentation here:

GamifyEd Respawn at PETE&C 2021

Level 1 : Novice

Matt's GamifyEd Presentation

Breakout Presentation


Minute To Win It: Game Guide

This guide has many of the games listed, as well as directions and a list of needed materials


Minute To Win It: Summer Game Guide

This guide has a list of "Summer Games", as well as directions and a list of needed materials

Level 2 : Apprentice

Conflict Collection: The Board Game

Example board game used to teach elementary writing students how to develop interesting character relationships and explore possible sources of conflict in their stories.

Conflict Collection - Rules

Sample Rules

Initial set of rules were extremely simple. While playing with students in the classroom, the adults were also taking notes on places where rules didn't work well, or where we had to clarify or invent something on the fly.

Conflict Collection Game Board.pdf

Sample Board

Board for Conflict Collection was created in a simple graphics program. This took less than an hour to create from initial concept to first prototype.

Conflict Collection Game Cards

Prototype Cards

The cards were created in a Google Doc with a simple table, formatted so cell sizes were consistent.

Level 3 : Expert

Level 4 : Game Master

Gamified Units

Gamified Units

Level 5 : Game Designer

Make your course content and class game come alive by connecting gamified units with an overall story arc for the year. As an alternative to traditional gamified courses with leaderboards and points, consider item collection. Use the resources below as inspiration for your own game.

General Resources

QR BreakIn Activity developed by John Meehan

The Art of Storytelling Course by Pixar on Kahn Academy

Biology Mission to Planet X Game Snippets

Sample Mission Movie Trailer

BreakIN : Signs of Life

Cell Ship Navigation HUD for Item Collection